Requirements for packaging the shipments

Packaging the shipments is a very important part before commencing the delivery, for which the sender is responsible. The senders are very careful in Germany, but nevertheless we do recommend you inform them about the importance of packaging and about the requirements of the carriers. It is the best way to prevent any damages.

Send your packaging request in a message (e.g., on eBay). It is very important that the shipment is well packed with undamaged packaging before each delivery taking in to consideration the character of the shipment, which means:

  • The contents were protected against damage or loss,
  • When handling the shipment, the outside package should allow for a proper and safe handling during transportation of the shipment and it also should be properly equipped with a visible handling mark,
  • Do not forget that the packaging of your shipment must be appropriate for transportation with other shipments, but also with more than one reloading during the transport.
  • Use only strong, unused and sealable boxes. Make sure that all items are well-packaged, are not overloaded and the empty spaces inside the box are filled with the right cushioning material.
  • Do not put fragile items together with heavy items in the same box.
  • Do not forget to use enough adhesive tape (polypropylene) which is meant for cardboard packaging, it is heat and moisture resistant.

Requirements and recommendations from carriers

The filling inside the boxes

Boxes, which are not completely filled, will collapse under the weight of other boxes. A box should be able to bear four to five times more than its own weight. The empty spaces inside the box decrease the weight it can withstand which leads to it being crushed. Before closing the package, it is very important to make sure that all of the spaces inside the box are filled with padding material e.g., foam peanuts or corrugated paperboard.